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Self-consumption photovoltaic kit installer
VERTSUN Connectic self-consumption photovoltaic kit

An increasingly simple technology for the installer and whose price decreases

In practical terms, a photovoltaic self-consumption kit is similar to the solar kits that have been blooming on roofs for the past ten years:

  • 6 to 10 solar panels.
  • a set of electronic cables and casings, including essentially “inverters” (direct current transformers from the panels to the home’s alternating current).
  • If we go into detail, these components have evolved well:
  • The power of the panels has almost doubled since the early 2010s. The first 400 Watts panels are commercially available
  • The inverters have become “micro” and allow a (good) handyman to work in alternating current without risk. Self-installation of self-consumption solar kits is becoming more common.
  • In many cases (household of 2 people with little consumption) a lower power and much cheaper installation (6 panels) may be sufficient.

The kits can of course be installed on the roof by the installer. But let us remember, and this will be an important point in the future, that ground installations (garden, yard, land) should not be excluded when roofing constraints (form, aesthetics) are important. This point is poorly treated by current software (solar registry) and justifies a specific local advice by the installer

One of the most fascinating elements of self-consumption solar kits is that once placed, on the roof or in the courtyard, and wired, simply plug the whole thing on any electrical outlet of the home grid for the magic to take place. The current coming from the sun naturally replaces that from the network.