The self-consumption kit is ideal for individuals who want to generate their own electricity.

Depending on the importance of electricity consumption, season and geographical location, you can self-produce between 20 and 70% of your electricity consumption.

Self-consumption photovoltaic kits connect to a wall electrical outlet in the house. They are simple to implement, scalable, economical and administratively easy.

How does it work?

This system ensures optimal security, in accordance with the legislation. A certificate from an electrical control office is provided. The products are guaranteed 20 years.

Choose a kit that meets your needs

Depending on the number of inhabitants of the home and the importance of your electricity consumption (household appliances, electric hot water balloon, swimming pool, air conditioning) we offer several self-consumption kits (in Watt peak: Wc):

Don’t have eyes bigger than your stomach. Even if our prices are very attractive, buy a facility that matches your needs and your consumption. In most cases 6 (see 8) panels will be absolutely sufficient. Vertsun it’s not just a cheap self-consumption kit, it’s a local and sustainable self-consumption kit.

We suggest you use the online simulator of the National Solar Energy Institute (INES) to simulate your installation. It’s easy to use to know how to click here.

General principle of photovoltaic solar in self-consumption kit

Sunlight is converted by the panels into continuous electricity (such as batteries) and then converted by the inunr into electricity identical to that produced by EDF (alternative current).

Your self-consumption kit
Your self-consumption kit

With the photovoltaic solar kit, you generate your own solar electricity and consume it directly and instantly on your home installation. With electricity always the shortest route, you reduce your bill.

The solar kit must be connected directly to your home network:

  • either on a traditional power outlet
  • be plugged into your home electric board (to be performed by a professional)

The electricity grid remains essential because solar photovoltaic production depends on sunlight. Your consumption may be higher than your production, in which case the network provides you with the additional share.

Of course, you should adapt the power of the kit to your consumption. Our kits meet your consumption needs and will of course be easily scalable according to your future needs: power extension, electric vehicle charging station, battery storage, etc.

The kits become a breeze to install. You no longer have to put it on your roof (with the risk of loss of waterproofing). There are a number of options:

  • over-taxing your roof. Using easy-to-install hooks, slipping under your tiles or slates (see tutorial), rails and module clamps, you realize your installation.
  • on the floor in your garden or on a roof terrace without any intervention on your roof
  • all other possibilities such as in marquee above a door, on a car shade (car-port), on a meadow etc.


  • You help preserve the health of our planet since your electricity production does not emit CO2
  • You have total control over the cost of energy production. Once the system is depreciated, the cost of one kWh is equal to 0 euros
  • You have the option to install a small production plant to begin with, and then to evolve it according to your needs
    Our homes, offices, manufacturing workshops and industries are now largely equipped with electrical appliances and energy-intensive systems. These devices work all day:

  • For an individual: refrigerator, freezer, standby appliances, water heater
    electric, pool pump,…
  • For a professional: machine tools, air conditioning/heating, intense lighting, compressors…
Greens un photovoltaic self-consumption kit
Greenself-consumption photovoltaic kitun

The electricity consumption of these facilities weighs heavily on our bills. And that cost will gradually increase in the coming years.

Self-consumption is one solution:

      • easy: little paperwork
      • at affordable prices: self-consumption is outside the framework of full integration of facilities (governed in resale contracts) and significantly reduces the cost of equipment and installation time
      • flexible: several facilities are possible.

    I compose my self-consumption kit and I produce and consume my own electricity! Here