products 10 self-consumption photovoltaic solar modules
10 modules – 2750 Wc – 3498 – TTC
8 self-consumption photovoltaic solar modules
8 modules – 2200 Wc – 2799 – TTC
6 self-consumption photovoltaic solar modules
6 modules – 1650 Wc – 2199 – TT
4 self-consumption photovoltaic solar modules
4 modules – 1100 Wc – 1599 – TTC
2 self-consumption photovoltaic solar modules
2 modules – 550 Wc – 999 – TTC


Our products allow you to produce your electricity instantly and forever

We offer several self-consumption kits (in Peak Watt: Wc)

  • 600 Wc (2 panels)
  • 1200 Wc (4 panels)
  • 1800 Wc (6 panels)
  • 2400 Wc (8 panels)
  • 3000 Wc (10 panels)

Don’t have eyes bigger than your stomach. Even if our prices are very attractive, buy a facility that matches your needs and your consumption. In most cases 6 (see 8) panels will be absolutely sufficient.

We suggest you use the online simulator of the National Solar Energy Institute (INES) to simulate your installation. It is easy to use:
You enter the description of your installation (chosen power, roof orientation), your annual consumption (to look on your electric bill, in general it is between 5000 and 15,000 kWh per year);
You take the “battery-free” option, and then only the “self-consumption study” option;
For the investment you indicate the price of the kit retained – if you install it yourself is all – if not the price of the installation in addition (500 to 1000 euros depending on the case);
The guaranteed life of the installation and micro inverters is 25 years. If you choose the “no premium” option you indicate 0, if not 400 multiplied by the number of kw and spread over 5 years and 0.1/kwh for the price of electricity injected.
Finally the cost of maintenance is very low, 0 if you do it yourself.

So you immediately get the ecological and economic study, carried out by a state-dependent institute, perfectly reliable. Don’t hesitate to multiply the simulations to arrive at the best choice of kit (and contact us on contact@verstun.com if you have any doubts or questions).