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Safety Self-Consumption Panel and Kit

Self-consumption solar kit

Discover Vertsun’s Safety self-consumption solar kit, and produce your own electricity at a lower cost.

Vertsun offers you the first self-consumption solar kit that offers you total safety thanks to its non-conducting frame. Choose your kit from a wide range of colors that will make your home unique. Your exclusive Safety Vertsun self-consumption kit consists of 10 panels, 10 MICRO INverters IQ7 Enphase and an electrical connection set to guarantee you renewable electricity at the best price with a state-of-the-art system, environment and elegance.

Safety panel

With its patented Safety panel, Vertsun allows you to take advantage of the first Class 2 electric safety solar panel, without grounding the frame, invented and manufactured in France, at hyper competitive prices. Easy to transport thanks to its stacking system, easy to install thanks to the removal of the earth wire, it is the ideal product for professionals as for self-installers who finally want to equip themselves with self-consumption

Safety, the exclusive Vertsun solar panel that offers you a unique design and choice of colors to adapt your solar system to your home and balance ecology and elegance.

You can now pre-order Security (delivery in early 2020) in a panel per unit or in a complete self-consumption kit for self-installation or installation by a licensed installer.
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