With 10 years of experience and hundreds of accomplishments, the Vertsun team offers a New Generation agricultural photovoltaic solar hangar

  •  Power 99.9 kW
  • Plans optimized according to the needs of farmers: 619.5 m2 in 30 m x 20.65 m (square plan) or 42 m x14 m (long plane) on the ground.
  • Purchase obligation rate at 111.9 euros/MWh (1st quarter 2019 – unchanged)
  • Careful completion of the earthworks at the connection, 7.25 m spans
  • Panels 280 W bankable. Huawei or ABB inverters. Steel Vallourec French manufacturer.
  • Facilities in all areas Snow A1, A2 even for altitude supper supper suppers of 1000 m and Wind 1 – 2
  •  Annual production 1050 kWh/kWc minimum
  • Minimum completion time 4 months from the launch of the Building Permit

The New Generation Agricultural Photovoltaic Solar Hangar:

  • The low slope of the roof facilitates landscape integration and building permits
  • The design optimizes mechanical stresses in the structure and ground effort, lightens the amount of steel and concrete.
  • The shed is particularly animal-oriented for breeders
  • The Hangar can house any type of storage as well as most livestock

If you would like a solar photovoltaic shed “free” (funded by investor) contact us: contact@vertsun.com

If you want to invest, key cost in hand of the full photovoltaic solar shed from 118k. In the event of agreement on the Building Permit and the PTF, Vertsun:

  • conducts technical studies
  • makes the earthworks and builds the Hangar
  • installs and connects the photovoltaic system (near delivery point)
  • carried out the control missions
  • Costs are excluding TFp. Each hangar will be launched by agreement after receiving the simplified PTF or PTF. Special cladding and fittings not included
  • A company (VERTSUN) whose partners have experience
    complete in photovoltaics
  • A society (VERTSUN) that knows the agricultural world. With several hundred photovoltaic buildings built the team is one of the most experienced in France.

VERTSUN the specialist in the photovoltaic agricultural shed

You have a photovoltaic agricultural project to carry out by renovating an old building or by having a new shed built.
The experienced VERTSUN team offers you to do it for you:

  • Realization studies of mechanical structures of new or existing buildings (reinforcements)
  • Electrical study, sizing photovoltaic power from 30 to 100 kW in obligation to purchase and above 100kW in Tender
  • PV GIS/SYST and calculating photovoltaic production potential
  • If necessary for existing buildings: asbestos removal
  • Administrative and financial editing and filing of files in Purchase Bond or Tender
  • Assistance for capital financing and/or debt
  • Project management assistance. Depositing Network Connection Records (TFP)
  • Administrative management of the site
  • Site tracking
  • Compliance with connection times
  • Compliance with safety rules
  • Compliance with costs

Vertsun, a company with a strong local roots in Vienna (New Aquitaine region formerly Poitou Charentes ) close to the needs of farmers.

green photovoltaic farm shedone a free
green photovoltaic farm shed one free

Download the Vertsun New Generation Photovoltaic Agricultural Shed Brochure