The advantages of the photovoltaic module Vertsun Security: The safest module on earth

In stormy weather conditions, induced stresses can occur in the metal frames of the modules (with aluminium frames). These voltages can have dangerous destructive effects on your photovoltaic system and the rest of the equipment in your home. The standards require a grounding of the complete system (NFC15-100) and especially for photovoltaics: UTE C15-712-1 Article 6.3 Grounding of conductive materials and elements.

By eliminating the metal frame, the grounding of your photovoltaic module is no longer necessary.

  • You gain in security, simplification and speed of installation.
  • The Vertsun modules are manufactured in Châtellerault (made in France)
  • A module with an innovative design declined in several colors
  • The ribbed frame facilitates transport and stacking.

1 : Standard Test Condition: irradiation 1000 /2, cell temperature 25°C, AM 1.5
2 : Nominal Operating Cell Temperature : irradiation 800 /2, spectre 1.5 AM wind strength 1± 0.75/.