Find all our self-consumption tutorials on Youtube to make it easier for you to set up your self-consumption installation.

If you live in Vienna (New Aquitaine, formerly Poitou Charentes) near the Futuroscope – Poitiers, in addition to the tutorials we also have several control installations that you can come and look in detail to understand all the details of solar panels, wiring and micro inverters.

Send us also your best editing videos and self-consumption tutorials, we’ll be happy to post them.

Kit Presentation Tutorial

Panel Connection Tutorial to Micro Inverters

Micro Connection Connection Tutorial Cable Connection

Connection Cable Connection Cable Connection Tutorial to The Protection Box

Earth Connection Tutorial to Micro Inverters

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The complete photovoltaic self-consumption kit, ready to pose by yourself or an electrician consists of:

  • 2/4/6/8 or 10 monocrystalline photovoltaic modules with a power of 275 watts each
  • 1/2/3/4 or 5 micro-inverters
  • 1 full, assembled junction case ready to lay
  • 1 set of wiring and all the connectors needed to connect the micro-inverters to the junction and wiring and wall socket of the junction box to the home network (connection can be made on a standard wall socket or on the electric box of the house)
  • 1 complete roof attachment system: you must choose from the menu the type of attachment according to the roof. If in doubt or for special cases (flat roof), contact us and send us pictures we will help you choose
  • 1 grounding system modules – micro-inverters – roof attachment connected to the grounding of the house
  • 1 production/consumption tracking box (connected to the Internet box)
  • Prices range from 999 euros (self-consumption kit 2 panels) to 3498.00 euros (self-consumption kit 10 panels) for individuals.

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